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What is workers compensation?

If you are injured during the course of your employment, there is legislation in place known as the ‘Workers Compensation Act’ which is designed to make sure you are compensated.
How do you obtain workers compensation?

Quite often, in matters where there is no dispute, it is simply a matter of filling out a form with the employer and you will be paid weekly compensation benefits and medical expenses by the worker's compensation insurer.

However, the worker's compensation insurer does not have to voluntarily make any payment to you with the respect to lump sum payments for permanent impairment on your body. Often a dispute arises between the worker's compensation insurer and the injured worker as to whether the worker is entitled to any workers compensation benefits at all. If this should happen to you, you need to obtain expert legal advice from a Solicitor urgently.
How long does it take?

Workers compensation claims are dealt with quickly these days by the Workers Compensation Commission of New South Wales.

Depending on the complexity of your case, Gorman Jones Lawyers will have your matter listed for hearing eight to ten months from your initial instruction.

Often, your matter may be settled in a shorter time than eight to ten months.
Is it worth my while to make a claim?

If you have been injured at work you have potentially valuable rights.

Whilst what you obtain from a worker’s compensation insurer under the Workers Compensation Act will never compensate you properly for an injury that you have sustained at work, the damages which you may be able to recover are often significant. Gorman Jones Lawyers are able to give you accurate advice as to whether you should take on the proceedings.
Why use Gorman Jones Lawyers?

We are committed to helping injured workers obtain the best possible results in every case. Gorman Jones Lawyers treat each and every client as an individual. We provide each case with careful, individualised attention. Personal injury forms a significant part of the work done by our practice. We have experienced solicitors available, who are familiar with the ever changing legislation, to deal with your claim.

If you seek advice from Gorman Jones Lawyers about your rights under the Workers Compensation Act, you will not be charged for our professional fees. We will seek payment from the WorkCover Independent Review Office as they receive a grant for legal aid. You should not be charged to pursue your rights after injury. 

If you have any further questions, it would be our pleasure to discuss your rights with you further.
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