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With more than 26 years of experience in law and court proceedings, our sole partner practice is your first call for motor vehicle accidents and driving offences, work injury and workers compensation, medical negligence claims and employment issues. Put our decades of experience to work for you.
workers compensation

Workers compensation

Injury on the job can cause serious financial hardships to any family. Our team of friendly experts will look into your individual case and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.
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Work injury damages

The initial costs of injury and damages are expensive. The costs of care and living before workers compensation and other plans start contributing can be extremely high. We specialise in work injury cases and will fight to take care of you and your family. 
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work injury damages
motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents

Accidents happen, but the pain and hassle associated with them should not change your life. Our professionals have successfully handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, making us your experienced choice for representation.
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Public/occupiers liability

The safety and security of a company or business
should always be maintained. If you have experienced
pain or injury due to an occupier’s negligence,
we ensure you are rightfully compensated.
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public/occupiers liability

We are proud to be a sole partner practice

total & permanent disablement claims

Total & permanent disablement claims

Unfortunately, some injuries have lasting effects which continue to cause grief long after the incident. Our team boasts a high success rate in total and permanent disablement claims.
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Medical negligence

Doctors and medical staff make mistakes, but those mistakes should not cause you more
discomfort than needed. 
medical negligence


The best way to ensure your family and loved ones are taken care of after you pass is to plan ahead. For decades, our team of professionals have helped
plan and prepare wills to ensure all your assets
and belongings end up in the right hands.


Not only do we expertly plan and prepare wills, we are also experienced in probate to ensure all our clients’ wills are properly executed.
employment issues

Employment issues

Personal injury is not the only way an employer could be liable for damages and discomfort. Our team of professionals properly investigates each of our clients’ claims to assess and ensure proper compensation.

Driving offences

Driving offences can be costly, especially with prior offences. Our team of legal experts look deeply into every one of our clients’ cases to ensure the best possible defence and proceeding.
driving offences
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