Personal injury claims

Personal Injury Claims

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Motor vehicle accidents

What you must do when making a motor vehicle accident claim:

  1. You should report an accident within 24 hours. Report it to the police if it is a car accident, your supervisor if it is a work accident, or a person or body of authority if it is a public risk accident.

  2. Take down the details of the other driver if it is a car accident, work details if it is a work accident along
    with other relevant details in public risk claims, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of
    any witnesses.

  3. See your solicitor before you do anything else.

  4. For motor accident and work accident claims, you should fill out the appropriate claim form.

  5. Do not discuss your claim with insurance companies or insurance investigators making enquiries on behalf of insurance companies without your solicitor’s knowledge as details unfavourable to your claim may be divulged.

  6. Go to your doctor, physiotherapist or other treatment provider and seek treatment ensuring that you advise them clearly about how the accident happened and advise them fully about all your injuries and disabilities, however small they may appear at the outset.

  7. Continue treatment with your doctor, physiotherapist or another treatment provider whenever the pain gets bad. We will have your doctor’s attendance records available at court to help prove your case.

  8. Always go to medical appointments arranged by solicitors or for insurance companies. A missed appointment will cost you money and will delay your claim.

  9. Maintain a monthly diary of events that happen to you concerning your pain and suffering, your treatment and its effect on your employment.

  10. Keep your solicitor informed of any changes in your circumstances, e.g. more medical treatment, as it may change the way your case is being prepared.

Public/occupiers liability

If you are injured because of another party’s negligence either in a public place, private dwelling or possibly a
factory or some other type of facility, you may be able to make a claim. Contact us to discuss the possibility of
any such claim.
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